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How to Find out How Much Stock a CEO Holds

Posted on November 6, 2022 by Todd Marvel

You likely have heard about the massive amount stock compensation company officers hold when compared to average salary of the rank and file worker within exactly the same publicly held company. Are you currently curious about just how much stock the CEO along with other officers of a specific company hold within their possession?

Here is the way you find out. Visit the NASDAQ website and enter the stock ticker symbol of the business you are looking at. Select 'Flash Quotes'. Utilize the drop down box to choose 'Insider Form 4'. Scan down the list and soon you discover the company officer's name you are looking at. Select that name. Visit the the surface of the list that ought to function as latest date. Move your eyes to the far right column entitled 'holdings'. That's just how many shares that officer currently holds and controls. Multiply that number by the newest price for the business's stock and you may reach a dollar figure.

Of course, that figure changes from daily. You might be surprised at only how high that number is. You may even desire to consider that is only the officer's current stock holdings. It generally does not tell you just how many shares he's got sold before; in addition, it doesn't let you know just how many shares the business will grant her or him later on.

When you begin to look at these figures you might become very amazed. In case you are currently an organization CEO or officer, the numbers won't shock you as you will already know about them. However, in case you are currently a worker for a publicly held company you might wonder concerning the discrepancy in the middle of your salary and the officers' stock holdings.

Some will say, 'but the CEO along with other officers worked hard because of their money'. And that could perfectly be true. But did they actually work any harder than you do on a daily basis? And when they did, does the harder work they did soon add up to take into account the discrepancy between the average worker's pay and an organization officer's stock holdings. It’s likely that, the answer is not any.

This results in some interesting realizations about how exactly our economy works. The times of serfdom are said to be over, but are they really? The serfdom is currently an economic one. The true estate owned and tribute collected by way of a monarch have already been replaced with stock compensation for corporate officers and owners. However the serf or worker may be the person who does the task. The monarch and his court remain the people who reap the rewards.

In private companies you almost certainly won't be in a position to find out the info that you could find on the NASDAQ website about publicly traded companies. I believe this is a positive thing that the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission requires these details to be accessible to the general public. Of course, it really is meant to be accessible to potential investors. But in the event that you own stock in your organization with a 401K plan, which makes you an investor.

Besides the NASDAQ website, there are also these details on the Securities and Exchange Commissions' website. Actually, there exists a wealth of information on the market to discover. In most cases it really is simpler to find on the NASDAQ website.

Perhaps knowing the worthiness of the stock held by company officers can make you less timid about requesting that raise you deserve. Knowledge often compatible power.