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Are You A Stockaholic?

Posted on August 17, 2021 by Todd Marvel

Today's society gives special recognition to alcoholics, sexaholics, binge-aholics, shopaholics, chocaholics and other "-aholics". What about stockaholics? Stockaholics are people that are overly obsessive about their stock market investments.

As approximately 50% of U.S. families directly or indirectly invest in the stock exchange, it is very likely that there currently exists a goodly number of undiagnosed stockaholics.

To learn if you're a stockaholic answer Yes or No to the 10 short questions below...

1. Can you check your stocks daily?

2. Are you depressed on weekends, because the market isn't open?

3. Do you hate to go away on holiday as you'll be out of touch with the marketplace?

4. Do you subscribe to over 3 fiscal books?

5. Do you dream about shares?

6. Can you daydream about making a killing in the stock exchange?

7. Do you believe that your stock broker is your very best friend?

8. Have you tried different stock exchange strategies, only to learn they did not work?

9. Do you want you could always beat the market?

10. Do you want you could earn more money in the stock exchange?

If you answered yes to all or the majority of the questions you're a stockaholic... or an excellent investor. If stocks are interfering with your ability to enjoy life... or even if you aren't earning enough money in the stock market... get help.